long time no update...you can also check www.facebook.com/dingobabusch the fb page is up to date...and onn instagram you find me too now... 

    Dingo Babusch, ABBK,TD4,CSK with Astor Dubs crew
    Dingo Babusch, ABBK,TD4,CSK with Kaldea Nakajima
    Dingo Babusch, ABBK,TD4,CSK
    Dingo Babusch, ABBK,TD4,CSK with Kaldea Nakajima
    Dingo Babusch, ABBK,TD4,CSK
    Dingo Babuschkrew, TD4, AB, CSK
    Dingo, Peter Kosock, Kosmik
    Dingo, Peter Kosock
    Dingo, Mango and DJ Crypt - Ayran Brotherhood...

    DINGO TD4, BABUSCH with ASTOR DUBS crew   "Busted"

DINGO BK,TD4 crew "DESTINY`s law"
did this with my man KOSTA DNS

    Did this couple of days ago...with Baske and Wisk157 (whole wall-soon)
    Peter Kosock  and Dingo Babusch ... It is art men... it is art... you don`t get it ?
    in munich...
    ...Dingo TD4 in Heidelberg
    DingoTd4 and Sckre Farout 
    DingoTd4 and Mango Flavour Scientist! 

    basement throwups  

havin fun...

housing 2013 Stuttgart
housing 1920 NYC

    experimental-old one
    simple and plain...Nase (OGR), Dingo (TD4) and Shema
    yep ...we did it again... Dingo and Mango (WAF) ...was fun to paint...funky colorset...
    Cool day painting with Miak (TDF) and SADE (ASV)...

    Dingo and Mango "still alive" even if that fucking mad rainy thunderstorm nearly killed us today...not the best wall but we did it again =)

    Miak, "Mr. Kedi" the Cat =)  and Dingo... i like that cat most..
     Dingo TD4 / Bird by MOE
    Dingo, Swag, and Cas ... The Boys from back in the days ...  New Era !

the world keeps spinning... be a man suck it up!
today me and Skre did this wall...nice action with all my scrapcans...i like this wall very much!

    Canvas Artwork for KRS1 concert and an older Canvas reminicin STAY HIGH 149 (r.i.p.)
                                 job for "Box and Work" company Stuttgart
    Background Piece from "Back 2 Flavour" Jam  (me and Skre)

    another quick wall me, Marok189 and Stem did during the weekend.

    Supercyborglogicalistics... experimental 4mula shit with Stem (D)... can you feel it ?

    Another wall...it was like that ... 4h painting and 8h talkin with crazy people...big upps to "Jakub" the Gypsy     
    who is absolutly the best in talkin without knowing english and german =) This guy has Street credibility !!!

    Yesterday i was couple of friends from DNS invite me to paint... these DNS guys are crazy people...it was  
     NEW NOKIA LUMIA CLIP is out with my work in it ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydamUJehFio

    The following Pieces, Tags and ThrowUps are all in abandoned Buildings, all painted quick with love =)

Quickpiece in the "Kunst376" Exhibition...Nice Location- an old Penny Supermarket !

Did this couple of days ago in a abandoned building in Frankfurt...was fun, to paint quick.

New Piece in greytones. Did it during the weekend.

    right now i don`t have that much time for doing what i like most =) There is alot of Artstuff going on- if you are interested
    check dingobabuschart.blogspot.de. Couple of weeks ago i did some work for a new Track called SIRENS from SNOOP DOG
    & KAAN (i ll post some pictures, soon as i get them). Also i did some work for the NEW NOKIA "LUMIA"... Both of the jobs
    where totally underpayed ! 
    Soon there is the "Farbenblind" Action at our local Hall of fame... there are many Exhibitions... so it is all good in the hood!    
    if i have time, i drop some letters...simple one...fast action...my style - many styles =)

    last weekend i did this wall with SKRE again...was fun -not that much time but it was okay for experiments...

    a couple of weeks ago i did this wall with RYZAR...It is dedicated to "DIEGO RIVERA". was a lil
    hard to paint cause it was so cold and the wall paint did not dry at all. 

    currently i am working on the second BOOK about the Graffitiscene in Stuttgart Germany...
    I need everybody...if u are intrested in helping out...i am searching for sponsors.
    here is a link and everything about the project:   http://www.visionbakery.com/vision/659

rest in peace


    Right now i have a shitload of other things to do... ill be back =) promise !
    Wish everybody nice X-Mas days.
    colorful production in fuckin`cold freezing weather conditions...it is SEAN (OGR,DTB), BEYOND and me...
    Me and TOONS1...

    i like this very much cause thats exactly the way i painted in 1997-98...
    this is a production i did with KOMIK and the young cats SKOLL,ASEK and SEKEL
    this is a production i did with MISTER couple of days ago ... dedicated to "KING VAUGHN BODE"...
    so funny ...there was a fence in front of the wall ...we made a MTA subway out of it...panels included...

    man...today i was back in the 80s surfing them subway trains in NYC =) Shout out to   

    funny project for "FILMWINTER" nice day - lots of fun 180 Posters...next couple of days they`ll get screen   
    printed... on this wall - ME, JEROO and COVER

    today i painted this kind of a experimental Style..."Big Dreams small City"...

    a couple of days ago me, Sade and Phixe painted this Piece... it was the Artwork for a Videoshoot   
    of a new Rap collaboration out of Stuttgart... Video will be ready soon... i ll post it !

    yesterday i was trying to create a Original Style with Newskool Elements ...

    this is a older piece i did in a Skate-halle in Stuttgart...

   days getting shorter n the sun is going down early... marok189 was visiting and we decided to do a   lil wall      
   together...the lil wall was getting bigger and bigger and this is what we create last couple of days. Sad that
   marok left after two and a half days... i finished it yesterday so it was 4 days of work and hundreds of  
   Euros.   One day i wanna paint 2 weeks on a wall cause i know the more time u put in such a wall the 
   crazier the finished wall comes out... BK and TD4 represent ...

    today i was painting with Phixe21 this experimental kind of ...

    it is getting colder, so we decided to do something, before we are to lazy ... Me, Phixe21, Sade

did this longer time ago but still was there... so here it is =)

   Grave Diggaz compilation - Dingo (Allemagne) feat Apocalypse (La Cliqua/France)... thanks for that...tight !!!

today me and Alek3000 were chillin we dropped some letters,too (quick action ). 
    maybe he was not finding his way out? R.i.P. my brother


wall i did with Toons one (LA) ... whole wall will follow

 This wall i did also a couple of weeks ago with Skre from X-crew... small Video in Media on this page...

A wall i did for FLAME-Paint some weeks ago...Vid in Media on this page...

couple of days ago me and Skre did a huge job for a big company...  in two days n 38 hours of painting without sleep we get the job done... it came out very nice ... 

two pieces i did a couple of days ago.  It was nice to paint quick n chilling with Kemal, Robert and Milan... Its not only about graffiti all the time... it is about life n friendships, too.